Generate Your SAN Health Report Now

Now that you've successfully run Brocade SAN Health on your SAN and generated an encrypted file containing the audit results, please send it to the Brocade report generation queue so your report can be generated.

Step 1:
Please provide your email address.

(Please note: This address is used only in instances where the upload fails. The completed report will not necessarily be returned to this email address. It will only be returned to the address(es) that are included in the encrypted file)
Step 2:
Please find your SAN Health encrypted audit results (.BSH) on your hard drive, and send it to Brocade now.
Step 3:
If you have multiple audit results that you want to send, simply repeat Step 1 & 2 for each audit file.
Step 4:
Within 2 business days you will be notified through e-mail that your SAN Health Report (including your Visio diagram and Excel report) has completed.

For SAN Health, you can also email your .BSH file to the automated report generation queue using Please see or contact with any questions.